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SK Group Inc. is the hub for strategic knowledge in innovation and intellectual capital. We are a people-driven company powered by creative talent and young visionaries.

Strategic V.I.S.I.O.N Business Model: Our core objective is to empower our clients, partners, executives, employees, and entrepreneurs to achieve 10X the growth and sustained success:

> Visionary approach: We begin with the end goal in mind.

> Idea-driven creativity: The backbone for our innovation.

> Strategic Partnership: A win-win strategy.

> Innovative solutions: Powered by commercially viable technologies, we create new disruptive markets.

> Opportunity driven entrepreneurial model: Leads to an unlimited stream of high-growth income possibilities across 5 major continents.

> Network of global enterprises, entrepreneurs, and executives: The secret of our successful 25 years track record.


Over the years, we have raised a family of 24 global companies working on various projects that facilitates the core mission of SK Group. Thanks to our partnerships with leading enterprises, international investors, and investee companies. Our portfolio of scalable startups, intellectual capital, and recent investments has grown at a combined net worth and market valuation of over $500 million during this 2020 crisis.

Dr. Shaan Kumar, Chairman of SK Group, Chairman of ACE Network (American Association of Creators and Entrepreneurs), and founder of California Intercontinental University, drives our mission of delivering value to our community by creating jobs and imparting knowledge and education across the US and worldwide.

About us

Our Founding Philosophy

Vision Brilliance Success


Our founding philosophy is “To inspire vision, create brilliance, and achieve success.” At SK Group, we firmly believe that nothing is impossible. Our dedicated team aspires to turn dreams into reality.

25 Years Track Record

Since its inception, SK Group has made a significant impact on major industries with a proven track record of success for over 25 years. SK Group symbolizes longevity, strength, and power.


To empower professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and enterprises to achieve accelerated growth by adopting emerging technologies and strategic knowledge solutions to sustain success.


Building a legacy that will last forever and providing opportunities to those who deserve them. Our company believes the actions we take today provide the groundwork for a secure future. This is why we invest heavily in our employees and our clients.

Industry | Verticals

  • Enterprise Solutions

    This platform joins key people and decision makers of all enterprises and governments via a business magazine. This magazine is powered by a professional network dedicated to sharing news, interviews, and key highlights from the business world with featured articles on top executives, enterprise growth, and finance.

  • Education

    After 25 years of R&D, we have established a University to impart real-life strategic knowledge for learners. Our students attract their dream careers, wealth, and education. SKU offers specialized programs and interactive entrepreneurial education for individuals of all ages. Since education is the key to success, we help students reach for the apex with a plethora of tools, process, technology, and resources.

  • Emerging Technology

    Learnfinity is a center for emerging technologies providing solutions on the latest industry trends in Blockchain, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, and digital transformation. With Learnfinity, you can stay up to date with the latest buzz in technological innovations.

  • Entrepreneurship

    The Association of Creators and Entrepreneurs (ACE) is an organization for networking, fundraising, and other business activities in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Building a nurturing network is essential for any entrepreneur. It is such networks that secure the future of any growing business. We set up ACE to assist entrepreneurs in finding mentors and advocates within their industry.

  • Events

    We firmly believe hard work should be rewarded. Profits are one thing but gaining industry-wide notoriety requires an acknowledgment from key opinion leaders and industry insiders. The 50 Best Enterprises and Best Entrepreneurs are recognized during the annual ECON and Enterprise50 Awards event that, among other annual affairs, encourages and rewards entrepreneurs for their work.

  • Empowerment

    We believe sharing new opportunities, creative services, and innovative solutions to SMEs ensures continued success. SK Empowers is a team of experts providing small- and medium-sized enterprises with coaching, consulting, and collaborative services to grow their business and tackle any obstacle in the way.

  • Entertainment

    Spreading joy through media, music, fashion, and entertainment is important to us. Entertainment is a large industry with a wide field of possibilities so we have production houses in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the hubs of the entertainment industry. SK Studios is involved in media, marketing, music recording, production, and songwriting as well as promoting independent artists and record labels. Our catalog consists of independent artists producing industry-shaping electronic dance music.

  • Energy

    Our world revolves around the production of energy. From cars to food, everything operates because power is supplied to all corners of the world. But the dynamics of energy production are rapidly changing. This is why we have invested heavily in solar energy production, working with regional administrators to make substantial efforts in promoting renewable energy campaigns, sustainable home constructions, and secondary power resources.

  • Real Estate

    Our goal is to provide people with access to the highest real estate luxuries this life has to offer. As a result, we have designed architectural masterpieces in important coastal cities around the world. We shape both the current real estate landscape as well as the luxurious contemporary lifestyles people enjoy with our acclaimed beach villas.





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Emerging Tech

Solutions & Services

Cloud-Based Solution For Startups And SMEs

Vision360 | Portal360 | VPA

Vision360 is a cloud-based planning solution with vision boards, business plans, and a pitch deck to help entrepreneurs raise capital for growth and expansion. Our VPA (Vision, Plan, Action) software drives success by setting goals, organizing company activities, and keeping track of milestones.

  • Vision360: Vision Board, Business Plan, Pitch Deck.
  • Portal360: Clients, Projects, Teams, Tasks, Targets, & Timeline.
  • VPA: For Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Employees

Digital Marketing And Branding Solutions

Branding | Marketing | Services

We offer myriad solutions to make eye-catching and awe-inspiring brand experiences that engage with potential customers. With a portfolio of quality services that include digital advertisements, media solutions, web design, UI/UX, 360º digital marketing, and making brand guidelines, our solutions are market-tested by several brands and products across industries.

  • BrandApex – Personalize your brand to enhance your brand value.
  • 99Social.Media – One stop solution for all your digital media marketing needs.
  • KreativeWorks – All-in-one ecommerce platform Design, Develop, Market, and Manage Clients

Blockchain Solutions And Currency Marketing

Training | Platform | B Solutions

We are market leaders in coaching and consultation on trends like cryptocurrency and blockchain security solutions. We design specialized campaigns and strategies to help currencies gain exposure, increase value, and seize important branding opportunities in the market.

  • Training – Master course modules for corporate training and professional development
  • Platform – Ethereum, Hyperledger, MultiChain, HydraChain, OpenChain.
  • B-Solutions – Implementing eGovernment and Smart City Security Solutions.

Internet of Things

Products | Consulting | Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the nature of our everyday activities by changing objects like cars, homes, electronic devices, security systems, and other household items. At SK Group, we have optimized our environments to accommodate IoT and now offer specialized services, business opportunities, and solutions for modern digital interactions.

  • Services – Mobile App Development, Web Development, eCommerce Development.
  • Products – Build and develop IoT software solutions for OEM manufacturers.
  • Consulting – Helping you strategize IoT capacities and projects in the long run.

Artificial Intelligence

Training | Human Resource | Services

SK Group is one of the world’s most competitive AI service providers. We offer high-quality and affordable AI services like training and human resources to help a business go to market and exhibit products.

  • Services – Cloud-based AI Services and Secure Application Development Services.
  • Training – Offering training in AI-related emerging technologies based on top AI Cloud.
  • Human Resource – Having a flawless record of the prosperous placement of our tech professionals and specialists in world-leading organizations.


Training | Human Resource | Services

The hub for emerging technologies keeps expanding as a relevant factor shaping the modern market. With investments in robotics increasing exponentially and making awe-inspiring progress in fields like health and eldercare, SK Group aids companies hoping to incorporate robotics in their portfolio and increase efficiency along with profits.

  • Services – Feasibility and concept studies. Supporting blueprint design phases.
  • Training – Offering training in Robotics-related new technologies.
  • Human Resource – We have a proven track record of placing professionals in world-leading organizations.

Our Clients