SK Group Corporate Profile

We’ve now reached a major milestone: 25 years of sustainable success in a globally competitive market place.

Our Founding Philosophy

“ To inspire vision, create brilliance and achieve success ”
– Dr. Shaan Kumar

Vision, Brilliance, and Success. At SK Group, we firmly believe that nothing is impossible. We diligently work towards these values to make our dreams come true.

We know that starting, managing, and sustaining a business is harder than ever. It requires an enormous amount of toil to tackle a highly competitive market. Furthermore, it is an arduous uphill battle to sustain a business at the highest level. We believe that our success is directly tied to the success of our clients. So we guide our actions towards their growth before ours. We judge a positive outcome as a result of theirs.

Dr. Shaan Kumar

Founder Chairman
SK Group Inc

Dr. Shaan Kumar is a man of the modern renaissance. An entrepreneur with a profound passion for arts, science, technology, and finance, Dr. Shaan Kumar is an expert in the fields of emerging technology, digital marketing, e-commerce, internet services, and entrepreneurial higher education. He is passionate about magnifying people’s talents and confidence by helping them achieve their full potential. Dr. Shaan Kumar is a polymath immersed in growing every opportunity in which he has invested.

His businesses are proof of success. Now a successful Silicon Valley evangelist, strategic investor, venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, fashion designer, musician, music producer, coach, mentor, and motivational speaker.

Visit to get know more about him.

Celebrating 25 Years Of Success

Since opening its commercial house for business in 1995, SK Group Inc. has celebrated a proven track record of success in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship, education, healthcare, and infrastructure. The secret to our continued success is how we empower our clients, partners, executives, employees, and entrepreneurs to reach the P.E.A.K. in their lives – Passion, Ethics-driven, Acceleration, and Knowledge. We are deeply committed to our social and environmental engagement with the planet as well by working towards renewable energy campaigns and rural development. One of our key missions is to empower plural entrepreneurship for youngsters, women, and underprivileged groups. We are currently operating in 4 continents; 15 countries, and 25 of the world’s major cities.

Our History And Success Stories

This 25 years-journey is evidence of our commitment towards excellence and our achievements.
  • 1

    1995: EdNET

    Internet services, ERP, and Ecommerce were the three core areas of expertise we used when working with this former human capital and management services organization built to deliver IT solutions between North America and Asia-Pacific.

  • 2

    1999: iGlobal

    Internet services, ERP, and Ecommerce were the three core areas of expertise we used when working with this former human capital and management services organization built to deliver IT solutions between North America and Asia-Pacific.

  • 3

    2003: CalUniversity

    A globally recognized and nationally accredited higher education institution was the first to offer accredited “Doctorate Degrees” since 2005 offering 180+ courses and 20+ degrees to open up opportunities for students across United States and worldwide in more than 50+ countries.

  • 4

    2013: GEN Network

    Established as USGEA, their mission was to empower American entrepreneurs and enterprises of the 21st century with global business know-how. Responsible for launching and organizing ECON 2009-2011.

  • 5

    2015-2019: SK Group

    SK Group is the universe where all SK brands live together. Over the last decade we have made significant progress by launching many fast growing startups and growing them into global ventures.

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    Our C.O.R.E V.A.L.U.E.S

    Care | Openness | Radiant | Empower (CORE)
    Vision | Agile | LiveEnterprise | Unlimited | Ethics | Strategic (VALUES)

    We at SK Group pride on our core values. We stand by our values to deliver nothing but excellence

    Care, Coaching, and Collaboration (3C)

    We believe caring is the principle that ensures community cohesion at a private and public level. Rooted in our strong commitment to community building, we nurture our coaching indispensable employees as a way of multiplying knowledge and sharing guidance. Our efforts toward collaboration are aimed at achieving greater goals.


    Clear-glass transparency in our working environment and operations. We practice a culture of openness.


    At SK Group, we take a keen interest in life’s experiences of others. We are fiercely optimistic about the future and tremendous faith in wisdom. This philosophy gives a whole new meaning to our work that elevates us from the competition.


    We empower professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and enterprises of the 21st century for tremendous success.


    Our founders are visionaries who constantly test our products, solutions, services, and strategies against the values of creativity, innovation, disruptiveness, and long-term sustainability.


    We build highly responsive strategies and business environments to adapt to the most volatile needs and changes in the market.

    Live Enterprise

    Functioning as a living entity, SK Group behaves cohesively as an organization that learns, listens, and grows to succeed. We analyze overall opportunities to contribute effectively to our client and community needs.


    In SK Group we trust we can make anything we’d want of ourselves: we don’t believe in setting limitations in our goals, neither in our success expectations.


    We operate all our commercial activities under principles of integrity and empathy. Voluntarily understanding all parts involved: clients, end customers, employees, partners, and stakeholders.


    We proactively challenge ourselves for long-term goals while projecting our operations 5-10 years ahead of time.

    Our Capital

    Here at SK Group, our human capital and intellectual assets are the prime focus that helps us materialize our vision.

    Intellectual Capital (I.N.T.E.L)

    • Innovation – We apply innovation and creativity as a critical value in our real-time actions – a mindset that sets the bar high for ground-breaking success techniques and awe-inspiring goals.
    • Network – A global network of successful experts, enterprises, and entrepreneurs.
    • Technology – We specialize in digital transformation and capture emerging technologies.
    • Excellence – it’s the best or nothing at all! For us, everything below brilliance is subpar.
    • Leverage – leveraging global connections and smart minds to grow any business.

    Human Capital (E.M.P.L.O.Y.E.E.S)

    • Entrepreneurial Spirit.
    • Mindset – a strong mindset of eternal growth.
    • Passion – we believe in our workers’ path to find their inner passion.
    • Love – to do what they love and love what they do.
    • Opportunity 10X – we are firm believers in the great potential of every employee.
    • Yoga – a union with God by being healthy, fit, happy, and experiencing inner peace.
    • Environment – a stress-free environment where everyone gets the chance to learn, grow, and be supported.
    • Energy – we are fervent practitioners of the law of attraction: spreading positivity and determination, we get this back from our employees.






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