Who Wants To Be President?

A better question is, who doesn’t want to be president?

‘Growing By Letting Others Grow Model’

SK Group is launching a Strategic Alliance Partner [SAP] Program to build a long-term business opportunity for mutual growth. With these partner programs, there are countless benefits for everyone.

Launching a Partner Program:

What, Why, and How

WHAT are the Partner Programs?

With our partner programs, you can become a


Do you want to head a division? Become a President or CXO and grow by leading a team.

Chapter President

We are inviting entrepreneurs across all major cities and countries to start a chapter in their city.


Franchisee Partner

Be your own boss by launching an Authorized Business as a Strategic Partner.

Investment Partner

Invest as low as $10,000 to $100,000 in any of our startup and reap 10X mid-term to 100X long-term benefits.

WHY should you become a SK Group Partner?

This is an I.D.E.A.L Opportunity;

Innovative Products

With a unique, competitive edge we have limited competition so the barrier to entry and growth is unlimited.

Disruptive Vision

We build highly scalable and viral businesses to disrupt global markets with creative products and innovative solutions.

Entrepreneur Support

Become a 10X Entrepreneur cause’ your growth is our success. We will help and empower you to grow our business even more.


The ultimate advantage is our Strategic Support: Our support system is strategic and well-developed, covering Technology, Product R&D, Business Planning, Branding, Sales, and Marketing Services.


Our Global Presence and Branding – The real goal for aspiring companies is to achieve worldwide domination through a comprehensive global branding strategy. SK Group has a presence in Silicon Valley and Southern California and across the US since the late 90s, along with a physical and online presence in 4 continents.

Above all, at SK Group you have Unlimited Opportunities to learn and explore. We have been in technology innovation, eLearning, and several online businesses for decades and we fully understand the complexities and opportunities and offer a variety of products, solutions, and services that cater to every industry and business.

Don't Miss This Opportunity! It's TIME to GROW.

How? Partner With SK Group

Do you want to enter the digital franchising industry and take your business to the next level?
At SK Group, we help make these dreams come true. Learn about the various partnership opportunities.
Authorized Publishing Partner

Become an authorized publishing partner and help entrepreneurs, CEOs, and authors to publish thousands of books and create “Author Entrepreneurs” in your city.

Authorized Branding Partner

Launch your boutique branding agency to offer digital marketing services to small, medium, and large enterprises in your city / state.

Authorized Training Center

Deliver personalized coaching within your community to help people achieve success and boost their wealth by launching an authorized ‘Success Institute’ in your area.

Authorized Center For Entrepreneurship

Start a ACE Chapter in your city by becoming a Chapter President and expand your network tenfold and grow your business via strategic partnerships.

Authorized Training Partner

Offer digital marketing training to SMEs and digital marketing certifications to marketing and sales professionals.

Authorized Ecommerce Partner

Launch your e-commerce store in just 30 days. We can help you become an international brand that sells unique products.


SK Publication ‘ Authorized Publishing Partner ’

Become an authorized publishing partner and help aspiring CEOs and professionals become an authority by publishing thousands of books by creating “Author Entrepreneurs” in your city..

  • Internationally recognized Franchise Pride, Global Branding, Marketing Support, Proven Business Model, Amazon Book Publishing, and Best Seller Marketing Program.


Success Institute (Authorized Training Center)

Launching a Success Institute is an excellent way to spread coaching in your community. You will train people to achieve their greatest potential and success while helping them grow their wealth. These training centers are 100% authorized and offer a variety of trainings and courses that have helped develop the careers of some of the most successful people in the world.

  • Success Factor Master Courses: A series of courses in areas such as Personal Transformation Mastery, Emerging Tech Mastery, Digital Marketing Mastery, Entrepreneurial Leadership Development, and Health and Fitness Programs.
  • Success Factor Short Courses: We have 100s of courses based on Success Factor Series of Books that can be delivered to all deserving students, learners, working adults especially to people of all age-groups seeking to attain Level 1: Success Foundation, Level 2: Personal Success, Level 3: Career Success and Level 4: Professional Success in less than 1-2 years.

Brand Marketing

BrandApex (Authorized Branding Partner)

Find corporate branding opportunities catering to SMEs and large businesses by joining a vibrant community of creative centers that manage the portfolios, brand identity, and marketing efforts of some of the most distinctive enterprises in the world.

  • Join a vibrant community of creative centers that manage the portfolios, brand identity, and marketing efforts of some of the most distinctive companies in the world.
  • Globally recognized Franchise Pride, US Branding, Marketing Support, Proven Business Model, 10X Growth, Amazon Book Publishing, and ACE membership.

Start A Chapter

ACE Network (Association of Creators and Entrepreneurs)

Start a chapter in your city, become its chair, and grow your business network tenfold by coaching emerging entrepreneurs. There are unlimited opportunities for growth, and we will support you every step of the way because your growth is our success. We are inviting entrepreneurs all over the world to start a chapter in their city today.

  • Join the ACE community and grow the community of entrepreneurs.
  • Access to the ACE calendar to help you attract new members.
  • Use ACE branding and other print resources.


SK Lifestyle Authorized Ecommerce Partner
  • SKLifestyle.com
  • LED Century
  • Yoga Century
  • AchaHai.com
  • SK Los Angeles
  • Jumanjee.com
  • Interior World
  • Fitness Century
  • SK Wellness
  • SK Dubai

Digital Marketing

Kreative Works (Authorized Digital Marketing Partner)

Start your own social media / digital marketing agency in your area and join the digital marketing business.

  • Creative Services, Corporate Branding and Media Coverage.
  • Web design and Hosting, Ecommerce Funnels and Landing Pages.
  • Social Media Management, Content Marketing and Lead Generation.

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