SK Group Ventures

SK Group has been reinventing itself by launching new ventures since 1995 by adding value in numerous industries. We help businesses flourish by creating multiple opportunities to drive exponential growth and sustained success. We have you covered on all ends regardless of the trade or size of business. Below are some of the most prominent ventures we pursue.


Cognitive coaching and consulting through strategic collaboration to help SMEs and Elite Entrepreneurs grow their income up to 10x.


Success Levels Magazine and the Success Factor series of books and courses has created hundreds of author-entrepreneurs and has helped millions of learners succeed.

Digital Media

Music, media, and marketing are core services we provide as well as a wide array of digital marketing and media production services.

Strategic Knowledge

SKU offers coaching in strategic knowledge to empower learners become visionary leaders and start their life and career with an entrepreneurial end-goal in mind.

Fashion & Lifestyle

E-commerce is the primary platform by which people buy and sell products and lifestyle solutions, especially trendsetting fashion. We integrate retail, wholesale, and emerging marketplaces.

Beach Villas

Love, luxury, and lifestyle are combined in our all-in-one contemporary beachside villas architecturally designed for grandeur-living life in style and comfort.

SK Empowers

SK Empowers Consulting

SK Empowers is the preferred partner program and a platform for coaching, consultation, and collaborations for SMEs and entrepreneurs relating to innovation, creative sales, growth, long-term vision, and access to venture capital for strategic success.

  • SK Empowers: Cognitive Coaching, Consulting, and Collaboration.
  • ACE Network: Association for Creators and Entrepreneurs.
  • Best Enterprise: Magazine, Ranking, E 500 | 5000.
  • Enterprise 50: Awards for Best 50 Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.
  • ECON 2020: The Entrepreneurs Conference held on ‘National Entrepreneurs Day’.

SK Publication

SK Publication is a media publishing house where aspiring writers become Author Entrepreneurs. Our publishing house propels authors’ careers to the highest level by guaranteeing a creative path to becoming a bestselling author.

Success Factor Books

Over the last decade, SK University formed an exclusive team of researchers, subject matter experts, and success coaches to create the 10 Levels of Lifelong Success. The team has also published dozens of SuccessFactor books with a goal to publish 100+ SF books in the next year.

Personal Branding

Brand6 is a brand development agency that empowers presidents and CEOs to write, edit, self-publish, and market their book in only 90 days. Brand6 also provides SIX personalized branding solutions for authors to position themselves as an authority in their industry. The team will design a custom strategy and take action on behalf of the business, brand, or influencer to establish authority and showcase expertise and leadership in their marketplace.

Author Entrepreneur Program

Our author entrepreneur course promotes writing, editing, self-publishing a book, and marketing it to earn revenue via book sales and digital courses. This program is essential for entrepreneurs who want to write about their experiences. Doing so will raise your public profile and help others achieve success.

We offer an extensive portfolio of learning material, content on achieving success, and a bi-monthly magazine featuring specialized articles, columns, and interviews from key opinion leaders in the industry.

Success Levels Magazine Features Top 100 Successful Celebrities of all industries, life-time achievers, visionary’s, social and political leaders. It also covers featured interviews, inspiring news and how to achieve 10 levels of success.
Success Levels Magazine
Best Enterprise Magazine features cover stories of Executives, Entrepreneurs and fast-growing SME and Global Enterprises. It also recognizes and awards the Best Entrepreneurs and hosts Enterprise 50 awards.
Best Enterprise Magazine

SK Studios

Sound & Key Studios
SK Studios is a creative design and digital marketing agency offering artists, media entrepreneurs, and technology companies a bold brand experience for reaching a global audience.
  • Brand6 – Personal Branding
  • BrandApex – Corporate Branding
  • KreativeWorks – Digital Marketing and Transformation
  • – Search, Social, Video and Mobile
  • – Dance Music, Trap, Hip Pop and EDM Pop

Personal Branding and Image Management


Creative Innovation and Corporate Branding


Digital Marketing and Transformation

Search, Social, Video, and Mobile

Dance Music, Trap, Hip Pop and EDM Pop

SK University

Strategic Knowledge University

SK University is the home for lifelong success. With a rich library of books and courses developed and constantly updated over the last 25 years, SKU has organized a bank of strategic knowledge essential for leading an ambitious and successful life. As an educational enterprise, it caters to highly ambitious entrepreneurs, executives, and fast-growing enterprises filled with people thirsty for the practical knowledge required to triumph in the fast-paced, high-tech competitive world.

Success Institute

School Of Lifelong Success:

We believe providing opportunities for continues learning ensures sustained success. That is why we have approached various experts to impart quality education and established an institute for people to access their specialized know-how and wealth of strategic knowledge. There are sessions for personal transformation, professional growth, and lifestyle development.

ACE Institute

Association Center For Entrepreneurs:

ACE is a global network that supports and nurtures creative innovation by empowering entrepreneurs. Our objective of collaborating with ACE Network is to form a mentorship group comprised of successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs who are strong believers in the benefits of mentoring and membership groups. Connecting and collaborating with market leaders is essential for any entrepreneur. Such networks secure the future of any growing business. That is why SKU has set up ACE Chapters to help entrepreneurs find mentors and advocates within their industry.


School Of Digital Marketing Programs:

An institute that produces digital marketers and social media management professionals with courses in key tools and technologies both for beginner and advanced marketers. We make them 3C Experts: Create traffic, Capture leads and Convert sales. They’ll learn 10X Growth from Creation to Cash-flow. For any successful entrepreneur, from any industry, search and social media plays a pivotal role in shaping success.


School Of EmergingTech:

The go-to place for industry information and keeping up to date with trends in emerging technologies from Blockchain, IoT, AI, VR, Robotics, Digital Transformation, and more. We have set up this institute to get you up to speed with courses specifically designed for the future.


School Of Leadership Education:

Real value can be added to an organization’s business development goals through corporate education. To succeed, the company must ensure that executive education courses and human capital development and management programs are strategically aligned with business values. To facilitate this goal, we offer specialized industry-aimed programs for executives and businessmen to lead efficiently in their niches.

SK Lifestyle

School For Lifestyle And Fashion:

A school for people who want to lead a healthy, inspirational lifestyle and leave a legacy for a better world. As society gets more health-conscious, our lives and styles change. Stay up-to-date with all the trends lighting up ramps and setting the style.

SK Empowers

School of Enterprise Development:

The most sought-after consulting hub of entrepreneurs for everything related to entrepreneurship, strategic business and finance. This school focuses on empowering entrepreneurs with the necessary skill sets to drive success in all aspects of their business.

SK Wellness

School of Health and Wellness:

Health is wealth. To attract unlimited abundance, we must be in perfect condition. To maintain the best form of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, one must be able to balance the body, mind and emotions. At SK Wellness, we help you master your destiny through personal transformation. You’ll learn to balance the 6 pillars of life (health, wealth, relationship, love, peace and happiness) by mastering the 6 wellness methods: Diet, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Priming and Giving.

EDM Century

School Of Digital Music:

A place where people can fine-tune their digital music. The trends in the music industry are constantly evolving. EDM is the latest trend sweeping the country and genres with its impact. At SK Group, we want to empower those creators who aim to push the boundaries of music. Our goal is to provide a platform for independent artists and labels to make their voices heard in every part of the world.

Brand Apex

School of Creativity and Branding:

BrandApex is an exclusive service offered to selective enterprises that believe in PRIME Branding: Positioning, Reach, Innovation, Mobility, and Exclusivity. The school offers courses and programs that specialize in Creative Services, PRIME Branding, PR, Content, Copy, and Communication Strategy. The programs and courses cover the 6 major online brand visibility platforms and channels such as Creative Branding, Web Branding, Content Branding, Search Branding, Social Branding, and Video Branding to introduce your brand to the world.

SK Lifestyle

Style & Killer Lifestyle

SK Lifestyle is an online network of e-commerce stores where one can acquire a wide range of products relating to fitness, health, wellness, entertainment, home-décor, NextGen gadgets, and much more.

  • SK Wellness: Ecom store for wellness, health, and beauty products.
  • YogaCentury: Offering Yoga books, videos, retail, and classes for life community.
  • Jumanjee: With NextGen board games, video games, superhero toys, learning tools, and retail.
  • FitnessCentury: Offering Fitness books, videos, retail, and classes for life community.
  • AchaHai: A NextGen entertainment store with trendy products and gadgets on sale.

SK Manor

SK Luxury Homes

We are dedicated to creating modern luxury villas architecturally tailored for grandeur-living. SK Luxury Homes builds beach villas, pool villas, and waterfront vacation homes that are available in coastal cities like Malibu, Shenzhen, ECR Chennai, Santa Monica, and Las Vegas.