From creating the vision to launching a startup venture, Vision360 offers three modules to help you create a blueprint to manage your goals and all your business challenges.

  • Vision360 – Business Planning: Vision Board, Business Plan, and Pitch Deck.
  • Portal360 – Project Management: Clients, Projects, Teams, Tasks, Targets, & Timeline.
  • VPA – Vision Planner: For entrepreneurs, executives, and employees.


Services for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Enterprises and entrepreneurs can get exclusive access to mastermind sessions, boot camps, and events related to success and growth. Coaching, Consulting, and Collaborative services for strategic improvement and success. This service is essential for a growing business because our teams will assist in clearing every obstacle that stands in the way of a good idea.


A magazine with bimonthly edition featuring articles, stories, interviews, and tidbits of success related content of best entrepreneurs and enterprises around the world. Ecommerce, Education, and Emerging Technology are the prime focus of SK Group. With this bi-monthly magazine, we want to inform readers about the latest trends, happenings, and movements in the global business community. This magazine is an essential source of the latest information.


Branding is an essential element of setting any business venture on the path to success. Learn about the nuances of building a brand from the ground up. We serve brands across industries, product categories, and brand challenges. We offer branding and design services including brand identity, digital ads, media solutions, web UI/UX design, and development with comprehensive 360-degree digital marketing of brands.


Education is of prime concern to us. We believe that there is no faster path to success than gaining access to information. This is why we invest heavily in providing access to education. SK Group offers various high productive success and growth courses for students, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, creators, irrespective of their age, industry, region, and gender.


Lifestyle trends are ever-evolving. But we keep a close eye on these changing trends and bring you the latest market offering. SK Group offers unique lifestyle-related products via an e-commerce store. Product categories include but not limited to health, fitness, entertainment, kid’s store, Games, toy stores, and many more niche products.

Cloud Software

VPA360: Cloud based Startup Planner

Our VPA (Vision, Plan, Action) Vision Planner helps both managers and employees set their annual vision, quarterly goal, and objectives. It helps them plan 90 days in advance and ensures businesses are ahead of the curve on setting goals, organizing company activities, and keeping track of critical milestones.

  • Vision – Milestones, Goals, and Objectives
  • Plan –  4T’s: Team | Targets | Tasks | Timeline
  • Action – To-dos and daily routines

Enterprise Solutions

Expertise solutions provide consulting, coaching, and collaborative services for SMEs and entrepreneurs. This product includes masterclasses, sessions, boot camps, special events for success and growth, and much more

  • Coaching services including knowledge materials.
  • Consulting solutions for strategic improvement.
  • Collaborative services for entrepreneurs to enhance their processes.

Magazine And Membership

This is a publication for individuals aiming for success. The magazine shares the best highlights, articles, interviews, columns, inspirational stories from people all over the world, and the 50 Most Successful People of the year.

  • Fortune awards magazine
  • Business magazine cover

Branding & Marketing

As a creative design and digital marketing agency, we offer myriad solutions to make eye-catching and awe-inspiring brand experiences that engage with consumers. A product that is already working for several brands across industries, we have a rich portfolio of quality services that include digital ads, media solutions, web design, UI/UX design, 360º digital marketing, and making branding guidelines.

  • 99 Social – Creative Media Services: $99 One-stop platform for all your social media needs.
  • KreativeWorks – Digital Marketing Services: Master the art of creating, executing, and managing businesses digitally.
  • BrandApex – Corporate Branding: Personalize your brand to enhance the brand value.

Books And Bundles

A large collection of reading materials, books, and publications including that also include e-books, book bundles that cover all the essential disciplines of arts, science, and life. These materials provide critical knowledge of success and growth practices with specialized libraries for:

  • Professional
  • Marketing
  • Health and Life sciences
  • Entrepreneurship

Master Courses

SK Group offers various specialized programs, E-learning courses, Entrepreneurial Education for students, professionals, executives, and creators of all ages and qualifications.

  • Digital Marketing Professional 
  • Certified Coach 
  • ECOM Entrepreneur 
  • Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Global Community

The Association of Creators and Entrepreneurs (ACE) is an organization created for successful content creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs to provide opportunities for networking and fundraising.

  • ACE Network Community of Entrepreneurs
  • Success Network – Community of Successful People 
  • SK University – Alumni community of professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs

Music and Fashion

A studio production house and entertainment platform that promotes independent record labels and gets effusively involved in music recording, production, songwriting with a focus on electronic dance music. We provide album recording, video production, and fashion and style events organizing.