The Vision Planner

Transform your dreams and desires into a Vision, Plan and Action! With the Vision Planner, you will be on your toes and will be responsible for every decision you take toward achieving your goal. Having a clear vision will help you stay focused and determined in achieving your goal. This is where the Vision Planner comes into play. The Vision Planner will guide you and hold accountability into turning your vision into a reality!

The Vision Planner - Your Perfect Accountability Partner

The Vision Planner was created by highly successful entrepreneurs, top executives, professors from Harvard and Carnegie Mellon University to help and empower professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs, and visionary's of the 21st century.

Based on 10 Laws of Success

Originally designed by Napoleon Hill, the laws of success are century-old strategies that are widely used as “Success Secrets” even today! The Vision Planner adopts the Top 10 laws of success to build a strong foundation for you to achieve your goals.

Achieve Level 10 Success

The Vision Planner introduces the novel concept – the Levels of Success, so that you can gain clarity and know what level you are on today. It will guide you on making rock-solid plans to achieve the levels you want to attain. It also adopts the two most universally accepted concepts: Law of Success and Law of Attraction.

Adopts Laws of Attraction

The Vision Planner has adopted the principles of the Law of Attraction to give you acute focus and adequate strength to stay positive at all times. It will teach you how to evaluate your current level and help set your desired Level of Success and helps you manifest your dreams into reality.

Having a big vision will empower you. Studies have proven that a 10X Goal (A 10 times bigger vision or goal) is most likely to happen than a 2X goal, simply because, we are highly motivated knowing the benefits of the outcomes. The Vision Planner was built upon these principles, teaching you how to set a 10X Goal, which will make you think, work and take massive action knowing the quantum of success and its end results.

Well, Vision Planner has always been my accountability partner to achieve my Vision and Goals. Everyone in this world must have a Big Vision for themselves and their life. In my humble opinion, every person must have a personal vision at the least.
Michael Philips, Founder & CEO
This Vision Planner will guide you step-by-step and take you towards achieving your Top goals; such as your chief aim (Vision) of the year, quarterly milestones, monthly targets, and weekly / daily tasks, to-dos. It was useful for me as a health and fitness tracker as well.
Jillian Angel, Health & Yoga Guru

Why Should You Buy The Vision Planner Today!

5 Features of The Vision Planner

It is not good enough to take whatever comes to you in life and be content. We all deserve to lead fulfilling lives and pursue whatever we desire and dream of. Here are 5 ways The Vision Planner will help you get one step close to achieving your goal each passing day.

  • Accountability: Tracks your progress, improves your productivity and holds yourself accountable for the action you take.
  • Ease of Use: 15+ years of development makes this Planner beginner-friendly and simple to use.
  • VPA Model: You will get the opportunity to clearly state your goals (your Vision), how you plan on achieving them and finally, taking action to turn it into a reality
  • One of a Kind: Equipped with never-before-seen models and systems that will help you achieve your goals in the simplest way possible.
  • Focus Builder: This planner helps you maintain laser focus as you strive to achieve your number one goal.

6 Key Qualities You Will Develop While Using The Vision Planner


Passion not accompanied by action will not yield any meaningful result. Whatever goal you set, you MUST take massive action with a burning desire to get it done.


To achieve your 10X Goal, you need to pay attention to the progress you make on a daily basis, no matter how insignificant it might seem to you.


Being productive means doing, at every moment, what you consciously choose to do and eliminate distractions that prevent you from being efficient.


Ensuring you bring your tasks to completion without compromising on quality is a key quality that every successful visionary must develop.


A very helpful skill when you need to convince others such as clients, partners, and investors is the art of getting people to do things that favor both you and them.


The ability to persevere in the pursuit of your goal will enhance the results you get when you apply everything else. This is what ties every other factor together.

5 Important Principles You Will Learn With This Planner

The Five R's
  • Rituals – Activities To Provide Energy And Enjoyment
  • Routines – Set of Daily Tasks on Autopilot
  • 1% Rule – Long Term Consistent Improvement
  • Repetition – Improve Brain and Memory Power
  • Reinforcement – Affirmation and Reinforcement of Positive Thoughts

Activities To Provide Energy And Enjoyment


Set of Daily Tasks on Autopilot

1% Rule

Long Term Consistent Improvement


Improve Brain and Memory Power


Reinforcement of Positive Thoughts

10 Compelling Reasons You’ll Love This Planner

Why choose The Vision Planner when there are a variety of different planners available in the market?
Here are 10 compelling reasons why you will definitely love The Vision Planner

10X Vision

The Vision Planner shows you the importance of dreaming big and how you can convert that dream to a burning desire. The Vision Planner will help turn that desire into a 10X Vision.

10X Lifestyle

With The Vision Planner, you will develop a 10X Mindset, form and create a 10X Vision, pursue 10X Growth, and generate 10X Income. When you have a 10X Mindset, you will attract a 10X Lifestyle.

The Six Pillars Of Life

The Vision Planner will help you understand and balance the Six Pillars of Life: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Love, Peace, and Happiness. Its primary objective is to guide you toward achieving harmony in life.

10 Levels Of Success

The Vision Planner introduces The Levels of Success. Understand and acknowledge the level you are currently on, and propel yourself with the help and guidance of The Vision Planner to achieve the levels you desire.

A Visionary's Tool

Designed by a group of successful entrepreneurs, top executives, and professors from around the world, The Vision Planner is a practical tool for visionaries that has undergone continuous development for more than 18 years.

The VPA Model

The Vision Planner utilizes the Vision–Plan–Action model where you state what you hope to achieve, plan how you will achieve it, and then take massive action in a persistent manner.

The ADVISE Method

This planner is your trusted accountability partner and helps you build determination in pursuing your health and wealth objectives in turn to achieve your overall goals.


The Vision Planner helps you understand the importance of the Keeping It Short and Simple (KISS) based on SIMPLE strategy in goal setting designed by our core team. It you to create your long and short-term goals that are specific, achievable and measurable.

The 5R Principle

For the very first time, you’ll experience 5R principle in action, namely Routine, Rituals, 1% Rule, Repetition, and Reinforcement. This principle increases your overall performance and productivity 100 times, and also increases the power of your subconscious mind.

100X Productivity

With The Vision Planner, you will learn how to optimize your VisionPlanAction for maximum efficiency, measure performance, and increase productivity in you and across teams by 100 times.

Manage Your T.I.M.E

Time is the most valuable resource you have. Without excellent time management, your dreams and goals will not come to fruition. With the help of The Vision Planner, plan and control how much time to spend on working towards specific goals. Maximize your productivity and achieve your goals today!

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Based on 10 Laws of Success | Adopted 10 Laws of Attraction | To Achieve 10 Levels of Success

The Vision Planner

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The Vision Planner

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